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05-16-2010, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
This is true and a huge part of why Weber would probably cost more than Suter. If we're speaking strictly of defensive play and positioning Suter is better. Suter is a better skater and does a better job taking away lanes. Weber, on the other hand, is the all around defenseman, and he does it well. He is big, he is mean, and when he gets full wood on a puck it's dangerous to be anywhere in the area. I've seen the guy cause goalies to duck out of reaction. We all saw him shoot so hard the puck literally teleported through the net. As someone said a while ago, Weber has all of the intangibles that make GMs, coaches, players, and fans drool.
I got ya abit better now. So I am just asking out of curiosity now. If Weber could fetch Kesler, Hodgson and a 1st round pick, what would Suter fetch from the Canucks? Is it more valuable to us to trade Weber rather than Suter if it ever came down to choosing one of them?

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