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05-16-2010, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
this series will come down to the refs.
The flyers are much bigger, they will see this as an advantage and try to hit, smash and run the goalie and hope that the refs don't call any penilties for all this. The Habs will wait to see if the refs apply the rules and hand the flyers a ton of penilities.

There is a great potential for a real NHL black eye. If the flyers are allowed to crush the Habs with illegal hits and maybe even put 3-4 in the hospital, the Americans will love the hockey again. Bettman will keep his job and Canada will never see another team.
I respectfully disagree with this....The NHL would love to see the Montreal and the Blackhawks in the finals.Just look at the Olympics with USA and Canada, the ratings were out in the stratosphere.I think you got the American hockey fans attitudes a little skewed.Americans enjoy a good clean hard hitting,fast skating hockey game as much as anyone else.How many FIGHTS have you seen the Flyers in during these playoffs ?The NHL strike is what pi$$ed off a lot of American hockey fans,as i am sure our good neighbors to the North as well.Good luck !

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