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05-16-2010, 10:15 PM
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Gear in the bag in a car all day in the summer (am I asking for death by smell?)

A rink by where I work is starting up a summer hockey camp, with classes at 6:30 in the morning. This is something I'd love to do, but I'm trying to figure out what to do with my gear. The rink is a half hour from my home, and less than 5 minutes from my work.

So I go in, get a good workout, but it doesn't make sense to drive the extra hour in the morning, just to return my gear to home. (work is flexible on my start time but not THAT flexible) I've checked with the rink, and there's no lockers I can leave it at.

So I'm left with wondering what to do about this. I'm very religious about getting my gear out of my bag, and air drying the second I get home, and I usually wash it once a week if I play in it multiple times. I have brought my gear to work, for when I had a game after, but I had always washed it before to insure I wouldn't kill the guy I unfortunately share a cube with.

I really don't want to leave it in the car, especially since I'll be getting to work at the time when I won't be able to get a covered parking spot. Don't want the car to smell like bag funk, and with the temperature car interiors get, re-bake my skates every day, and loosen the glue on the 2 piece stick.

Any ideas, suggestions, people who have done similar things, what were your solutions?

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