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1. What do I wear underneath all that equipment? How do you get "dressed"?

IMHO there is no 'right' way to suit-up... trial and error is how I learned. FWIW I:

Jock, Under Armour/Reebok Compression shirt (stay away from cotton shirts and go with something that wicks moisture and is light weight) and in-skate socks are put on before I go to the rink for ease and speed...

1. Pants (leave untied)
2. Socks (up around knee or upper calf - basically outta the way)
3. Skates (after skates I pull my socks down over the top of my skates prior to #4)
4. Shin guards (then pull socks over guards)
5. Pull pants down/pull up socks and Velcro to jock
6. Shoulder/chest pads
7. Elbow pads
8. Jersey
9. Helmet
10. Gloves

2. What should I do to please/not annoy the coach and players?

Be a good listener; ask questions if something is unclear. Be a TEAM player not an Army of One...

3. Should I just get rid of the puck the first few games?

As someone else mentioned the tendency is to dump off the puck ASAP; this 'signals' those on the contra-team that you are either new or uncomfortable and you will most likely be on their radar... move the puck a bit before passing off/shooting/what have you... if you are there just to redirect the puck then you are just replacing the boards. Be active and comfortable.

4. For line changes, is it totally noobish if you use the door instead of just climbing over the boards?

Try jumping the boards... the first time I did it I was scared &^%$less... but it worked-out fine. By 'jumping' you can also sit on the board, throw a leg over, spin your other leg over and ease yourself down on both feet... doing this a few times will give you confidence to do it faster and smoother. Before you know it you'll be over the board in no time and without even thinking about it.

Good luck!

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