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09-30-2003, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Brown37
I remember watching a Hockey Night in Canada one Saturday night last season on NHL Center Ice and during their intermission break where they had like 4 guys all in different locations talking hockey,one of the main topics was Taylor Pyatt. Most agreed he will break out into a Bertuzzi and they all said Bertuzzi showed the same signs growing up as Pyatt is.
That intermission would be the Hot Stove I think. It's a bunch of buffoons, most of the time having no idea what they are talking about.

Concerning Pyatt, I just can't see breaking out into a Bertuzzi. Ever. It's not even a possibility as Bertuzzi was already far more skilled and agile than Pyatt at this age.

I do not discard the possibility he could breakout into a power forward of his own. That would surprise me VERY much but I could accept that. I don't think he has the hands to do it, though. (my definition of a power forward has higher standards than some, however. If you label just about any big player who has some skills a power forward, than I guess he could be one)

He could still be a first line crasher. With 30 NHL teams, a player like Pyatt, who is still very talented can seize opportunities and end up on a first line. Heck, he's about ten times as talented as Andrei Nazarov who has played a good part of a year on a top scoring line in Calgary not long ago.

But he has neither the smooth skating, nor the skills of a young Bertuzzi. I just don't see it. To dominate, this guy will need to dominate physically. He needs to go all out every night.

And that requires time and maturity. He will be a fine player in a few years. Most likely right at home on a scoring line. You do not always need to be a top notch scorer to be put there. If you play a role on that line and help the linemates, there's nothing wrong with a decent-only point production.

He just won't ever be close to being "a Bertuzzi" in skills because Bert is just a natural and was one when he was 18.

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