Thread: Speculation: Kovalchuk, how much is too much?
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05-17-2010, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
So I am wide of the mark due to my speculation but you are dead on with yours?

That's just silly.

The Sharks can stand pat with the players that are actually playing right now and let several ufa's walk and still have the team that is playing, not sitting on the bench or in the stands or backing up someone or here on a rider and sign everyone and still have pretty much the same team if they want to.

They pick up over $5m in allowing dead weight to walk that can be used directly to sign Nab/Mar and as for the rfa's they want to keep there are no doubt others that they won't and, they will still be under the cap.
If the Sharks re-sign Marleau and Nabakov for the money they are making today, the Sharks will have $8,825,003 left to sign 9 players. How do they sign Setoguchi, Pavelski and 7 other players? Nabakov may take less money, but I would be surprised if Marleau takes much less than what he made last year.

What if Pavelski wants $4-5 million per year and Setoguchi wants $3+ million? Do they let Marleau and/or Nabakov walk?

I don't think that San Jose has as an easy time this off season, while you think they have plenty of cap space. They will have to make some important decisions with their UFAs/RFAs because of the cap. In the cap era, the strong teams will always have to make tough decisions every off season. It is up to the GM to draft well enough to keep lower cost talent in the lineup and contributing.

I believe that Dean has the Kings much closer to the San Jose situation than Chicago's. San Jose was able to add Heatly to their team last year and won't have to gut the team to keep the team strong.

Dean can do the same with Kovalchuk.

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