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05-17-2010, 08:11 PM
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The hockey school is only a week or two.

His minor hockey season had two practices a week as well as dryland training one night a week in addition to games. I think in the end. his team ended up playing just under 60 games (exhibition,reg season,playoffs and tournaments)

Spring hockey is two games and one practice a week for a total of 12 games and 10 practices.

While we are very proud and admire his dedication, we just don't want him to burn himself out and not like hockey anymore. We want it to still be fun for him.

So maybe the word "push" was the wrong one to use...we're just wondering I guess how much is too much (assuming we can afford it too ) Should we be saying no to more hockey and suggest/make him choose to be involved in something soccer?

Thanks again

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