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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
I have to take issue with this, this just isn't good advice. Adult beginners benefit a lot from putting their strong hand on top. And this guy is admittedly using his bottom hand as dominant when stick handling. This is a BIG NO-NO. He needs to at the very least consider going lefty. I agree that his being comfortable is very important, but people can be comfortable doing the wrong thing a lot in this world. If he makes a practice of using his bottom hand to stick handle, he's not going to be good at it.

He really needs to try going lefty or be prepared to do a LOT more work on his stick handling. I'm not going to try and make up this guy's mind, but he needs to know the reality of the situation.
I won't argue that doing it that way is wrong, because it certainly isn't. And I won't argue that he's doing it wrong by using his dominant hand to do the majority of the stickhandling. But he's brand new to it and will learn how to do things. The fact that he's likely not good at anything right now will change, as will the fact that he doesn't use his top hand much right now. Everything will feel awkward, plain and simple. The experts I've known over the years have always taught that if either way feels slightly more comfortable to a beginner, you go with it. Could it be better overall if he started with his right hand on top? Perhaps. But is that the absolute steadfast way that it is done? Absolutely not. Regardless, he needs to learn how to stickhandle with his top hand as well. If he chooses to use his left hand for that, so be it. That's how he's currently comfortable.

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