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05-18-2010, 08:47 AM
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the grip is indeed something that will turn some people off. Tacky and sticky, but I like it a lot.

I have had no problems with durability however. Been using that shaft for many icetimes now (75 flex no less as a Dman with ~220 pounds, but only rec league hockey) and it is still going strong without any issues. I am not a player that is breaking a lot of sticks though. The shaft is very light and built for performance so if you tend to break a lot of your sticks this will probably also happen with this shaft sooner or later. It is not meant to be a tank even if it has been for me and others, but it doesnt break any easier than other performance sticks/shafts on the market. The breakage issues I have read about have all occured with the OPS.

It is a long shaft (longer than dolos) suited for short hosel blades like the SE16 or Reebok 8k. A dolo HD blade will make the stick around 1-2 inches longer since its hosel is so much longer.

Something else to consider: The price for this shaft is low compared to its competitors. Easton sells its SE16 for 125$ (source Hockeymonkey) compared to 90$ for the 8k. Dolos go for 110$ and 120$ bucks and have been unchanged for years. This alone tips the scale in favor of Reebok if you ask me.

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