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Originally Posted by mnwildgophers View Post
I voted no. I think that the way it is set up is rather fair. Only the top 5 teams get a chance at the #1 pick which I think is a good thing. A team that almost missed out on the playoffs has a chance to get the "arguably" best player in the draft? I don't think that's fair to the team's that really need the help.

I'll be ecstatic if the Wolves get even the one of the top 2 picks, but knowing our luck, we'll drop down to 5 like Gopher said.
No way buddy! I disagree, and I agree with the originator of this post. Freindly Habs fan here, a bit bored, waiting for game 2 against Filthy. (Let's not even go there)

BTW I always loved the North Stars, and I like the Wild too. Pretty sure I saw the North Stars at least twice at the Forum...they were never an easy win, not even in the early expansion days.

And you had some **** luck with picks too..Lawton if I remember? Bummer.

The lottery is awful as it stands and I've posted on this before. So has Mike farber at Sports Illustrated.

It is grossly unfair to award the worst teams year after year with the best picks. ****sburgh Penguins anyone?

Simple as: Teams 17-30 get the same chance at the lottery.

You probably guess that as a Habs fan I hate the lottery. All Habs fans do, and we should.

Thanks NHL, we'll bust our ***** year after year to finish 8th and 9th, and never ever see the likes of Ovy for it.

It's just wrong in every way, and the NHL should change it to help perennial hard working teams like Habs and the Wild..

Good luck to the Wild next year!


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