Thread: Speculation: Johnny Boychuk? Go hard after him.
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05-18-2010, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
I don't think Boychuk will get that much in free agency. There are a lot of proven dmen on the market this year.


Granted, some of these players may retire, but you know Anaheim and Detroit will re-sign Nieds and Lidstrom if they don't retire.

How many teams are going to bid on Boychuk over one of these guys? Just being UFA isn't enough to get Boychuk 3+ mil. Seidenberg only got a 1 year/2.25 mil deal last offseason. Leopold only got 1 year/1.75 mil.

13 playoff games isn't enough of a sample size for Boychuk to get a large payday.
I can definitely see him getting that kind of an offer though and if you want him--you're probably going to be in the $3-3.5 range. Of the other d-men you mention he is younger than most, with maybe less wear on his wheels and with more potential to grow as a player. I think he's at the least going to be a solid top 4 even without much more progression.

Considering what Gilroy is getting and where Boychuk seems to be now as a player is one way to look at it. The two are close in age and Gilroy is making in th $2 mil range. Boychuk is obviously better which is to say there's almost nothing fair about this salary stuff anyway--just looking at Redden or Drury.

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