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09-30-2003, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by wasting time
If Quinn rushes him to the NHL he is a fool.

This just out...

Coilaiciovo is over-rated by many Leafs boosters on this board..

IfSpezza needs a year or two in the AHL, or if Boumeister enters the NHL early to have a couple of midocre at best seasons on a pathetic team, or the same for Pronger, or Iafrate is ruined because of his early start ---
#1 - Spezza didn't necessarily NEED time in the AHL; every time he was recalled he did very well. Ottawa just had lots of depth and thought it was better for him to play on the top line in the A than the 3rd/4th line in the NHL

#2 - Bouwmeester had an excellent season last year.

#3 - Iafrate's career was ruined because of booze and injuries...not sure how that relates to starting his career early.

#4 - If all these players are so much more talented than Carlo is, why use them as comparisons?

If he's READY, he's READY.