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05-18-2010, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by qwertysac View Post
They were on Off the Record with Mike Landsberg. I uploaded the clip to youtube.

Check it out.

These guys are hilarious. I can see why they're so well liked by their teammates.

The fact is, players like them are needed in the locker room to keep the team loose. I even remember reading an article about how during the season, when the flyers were going through a REAL rough stretch, Hartnell and Carcillo goofing around and keeping their spirits up are the only reason they stayed above water.

Like i said, how can you hate these two? Gota love it
Hey Qwerty, how are ya?

I really like Carcillo. But I can't look at Hartnell without wanting to punch him. Granted, he'd kill me without breaking a sweat, but I'd still want to punch him.

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