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05-18-2010, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by rangersfan111 View Post
callahan got double the powerplay time as byfuglien ... thats the only reason he put up more points ... byfuglien has more upside than callahan hands down ...
call me when callahan puts up a hattrick in the playoffs ... byfuglien played on the 3rd line in the nashville series and since being moved up to the first line he has 7 points in 7 games ...
byfuglien is a grinder and a powerforward that is willing to drop the gloves for his teammates (exactly what we need)... if you guys have played hockey ... you would understand the imporance of a player like byfuglien ... i played with multiple players like ansimov(highly skilled but when it got a little physical they were no where to be seen).. the coaches solved the problem by surrounding him with punishing checkers who had excellent hands ...
Chemistry is extremeley underrated on this board ... look at montreal this year, buffalo a few years ago, devils in the late '90's and early 2000's...
anisimov will eventually be a legitimate 2nd line centremen ... but in order for him to reach his potential he needs to be given the right ice time and he needs to play with players that he feels comfortable around ... trust me he does not feel comfortable playing with ryan callahan or chris drury nor mats zuccarello... byfuglien is affordable and we wouldn't have to give up too much for him
Wow, yeah, if any of us had ever played hockey. What an argument.

4 years at UVM. What did you play? Byfuglien is a 3rd line player who is currently HOT. Get over it.

How about we go after Fernando Pisani guys? He's your average 3rd/4th liner who could be had on the cheap AND he's a UFA this summer... I mean, he DID score 14 goals and 18 points in the 05-06 playoffs, so clearly, he could be a top-six player.

I love AA, but if he can only feel comfortable playing with guys who are 6'3 240lbs than he's going to have a rough career. I'm not discounting chemistry, but Dustin Byfuglien on this team would be so wildly disappointing I don't even want to imagine it. Add to that the fact that Byfuglien being huge is in NO way a guarantee that he has chemistry with AA and that there's no top end talent to make him look like a stud here... he'd pan out to be the 35 point player he is and everyone would be pissed about paying him 3M.

Again, he has some attractive assets and in the right circumstances can flourish and probably has the potential to be a 45 point player one day, but that's playing with guys like Kane and Toews, not with Anisimov and Avery.

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