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05-18-2010, 10:24 PM
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Can't believe the amount of people on this site who tell others that have trouble elevating the puck to "change to a different curve."

WHAT. Although different curves lend themselves to doing certain things easier or more efficiently, a bigger or different type of curve should NOT be what you use to change your shot velocity or height. Adding more curve to gain elevation is merely a crutch for those who can't shoot. Ever see the kids that used the Yzerman/Gaborik/Coffee curves and upon switching to anything else all their shots look more like passes? That's why.

Learn the dynamics of shooting properly, practice them until your shot is both hard and accurate, and THEN you can switch around curves and find out what you like.

Given that info, the problem is likely either with your follow-through or the spot at which you're snapping your wrists (if at all) in terms of puck relationship to the body. If you're snapping your wrists too far out in front of you or not at all, you're not getting that puck to roll along your blade and more so just pushing it forward.

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