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05-18-2010, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Scotty94 View Post
It's hard to say without seeing your form, but you likely need a combination of mainly:

- better "spinning" of the puck as it goes from the heel to toe area of the stick.


- a more precise/harder snap at the right moment

Both of these combined not only give the puck a flatter spin (which truly isn't of a ton of importance), but rather increased forward power. And keep practicing. Get that muscle memory down for shooting and you'll be ripping them off before you know it.
Thanks for the reply, but what exactly is muscle memory. And why isn't the flatter spin important? Do not take this as an insult, but a mere of trying to gather as much info to help me improve. Does the speed of your shot slow down when it is fluttering as opposed to spinning like a frisbee? or is it quite the opposite?

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