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Originally Posted by Ragss View Post
I'm with you. This kind of save is pure luck. That was the absolute furthest his glove could have gone, Malkin had oodles of empty net to shoot at and he tossed it right in to his glove.
So, you conclude that there's never amazing saves, right?

If there is a save that makes you impressed, however, what kind of save is that? Could you show me an example? There's always empty net, where to shoot, always. If the goalie takes all the space from the initial shot, you can pass and thus create empty space (just what Russians did here). If the goalie just plays square to the shooter (pretty basic stuff in goaltending) and stands still, that makes you impressed?

In this case, if Vehanen had stayed square to Malkin after he passed to Kovalchuck, that would have been impressive stubborness.

I mean, your comment is pretty irrelevant when fans here are just amazed with Vehanen's recovery save.

Think of it, every shot that goes INTO the glove, are essentially shot "right into the glove". No?
People often argue that "well, he didn't have to move his glove much"... Wouldn't that be just what you're looking for, though?

The shooter SHOULD always bury the shot if there's net available. Of course. That would make up 100 shooting %. But they don't.

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