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05-19-2010, 09:29 AM
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Great Snapshot and Scoring Video

While we've got a lot of videos, thought I'd share one of my favorites.

This summer, my goal was to improve my quick release on my shots. All the guys on my team say I have a great shot, but a lot of them get blocked or give the goalie too much time to make a save. I'd say in a given game, I attempt probably 10-12 shots but only 3-5 get through on the goalie and I average less than a goal per game.

I've been watching this video a few times a week and before I play, and it's making a big difference so far. Last night I had three goals in a higher tempo pickup game, two of them directly as a result of the video.

To be honest, I'm not even looking for openings on the goalie anymore. One goal I was coming down the off wing with speed, defender was in the middle lane, just got over the puck, leaned into it, and let it go. Goalie barely had time to react, just started to drop when it went in. Had a few more shots like that, two the goalie barely made a stop, and two went a bit wide (new curve that I didn't like) but really hit the boards/glass with power and had some good feedback from the other guys. Had comments on how hard my shot was and how quick they were.

Another goal was a rebound that I created, we had a 2-on-4 (!), guy made a nice pass while I drove to the net, I caught it on my backhand like the two-touch in the video, shot as quick as possible and the goalie made a great save, but the rebound dropped in front of his pads by only a couple inches, maybe a foot from the goal line, somehow managed to roof it. Again, I just went on pure instinct, shoot the puck as quick as possible. Had another chance just like that, practically empty net but the puck went just wide (stupid new curve).

Anyways, moral of the story is the video is the first I've seen with an actual NHL'er showing useful game situation scoring techniques. It's a bit advanced, not for those who are just learning, but I think there's good takeaways for everybody. I highly recommend learning to take the proper old-fashioned wrist shot, but more and more I don't think it has much of any use in a high tempo game situation since a quick release is so much more important than pure power in almost all situations.

The big things I took away were:

- shooting in stride by putting the body weight over the stick and leaning into it

- get the shot off before you have time to think about it

- catch passes off the inside of your body rather than the outside

- make sure shoulders are in position for shooting (need to work on this still)

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