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05-19-2010, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post

To be honest, I'm not even looking for openings on the goalie anymore. One goal I was coming down the off wing with speed, defender was in the middle lane, just got over the puck, leaned into it, and let it go. Goalie barely had time to react, just started to drop when it went in. Had a few more shots like that, two the goalie barely made a stop, and two went a bit wide (new curve that I didn't like) but really hit the boards/glass with power and had some good feedback from the other guys. Had comments on how hard my shot was and how quick they were.

Another goal was a rebound that I created, we had a 2-on-4 (!), guy made a nice pass while I drove to the net, I caught it on my backhand like the two-touch in the video, shot as quick as possible and the goalie made a great save, but the rebound dropped in front of his pads by only a couple inches, maybe a foot from the goal line, somehow managed to roof it. Again, I just went on pure instinct, shoot the puck as quick as possible. Had another chance just like that, practically empty net but the puck went just wide (stupid new curve).
Let you in on a little secret... most of the time, the pros aren't picking spots either. It may have told you that in the video - I don't have time to watch it but I bookmarked it. With the tempo of the game, it's all about throwing it at the net hard and quick. Look at Crosby's comments after the gold medal goal "I just threw it at the net". How many times do you hear that after a goal? Yes, it's partially modesty - they often have an idea of where they want to put the puck - but only on wide open snipes are they really concentrating on putting it there... it's all about getting the puck to the net without giving the goalie time to react. The reason you see pucks get shot straight into goalies' gloves sometimes is because the player is just putting everything he's got into putting it on net in the blink of an eye, rather than making sure to stick it just inside the post, and the goalie ends up being able to get it to it because it's close to the middle of the net. This is how we were coached in college and this is how my buddies who have gone on to higher levels tell me they've continued to be coached (though when you reach a certain point of understanding, it becomes clear which shots were just thrown at the net and which weren't anyways). Ultimately, I'd say there's a higher percentage of goals resulting from doing what you've discovered than from trying to pick a spot on the goalie every time.

Edit: also, I fully agree about the usefulness of the wristshot. You will always find a situation to use it, but for the more advanced player, it's use is limited. I wanted to make that comment in some of the recent snapshot threads that have been popping up but it didn't seem relevant, but since you mentioned it, I thought it was worth noting that I wholeheartedly agree... the snapshot is by far the most important shot in my arsenal.

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