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Originally Posted by FireHolmgrenDotCom View Post
too many men on the ice for the Flyers with 5 seconds left.
in all seriousness, I can imagine a thread starting about that if that happened today LOL
Joe Watson was asked about that and he responded:

Q: One of the most replayed video clips from the past is the final seconds of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins and you are alone behind the net handling the puck. Did you keep the puck?

Watson: “Unfortunately, no. If you look at that replay, Bobby Orr shot the puck down behind our net. I was there with the puck and I looked up to see the clock and there were still several seconds to play. There was nobody near me. I did not even touch the puck until (Bruin) Wayne Cashman came near me and I touched the puck with four seconds to go. There was so much noise and pandemonium in the Spectrum that the timekeeper did not hear the whistle blow for the icing call. Everybody jumps over the bench in jubilation and they think that the game is over. I am yelling at the guys that the game is not over and (teammate) Terry Crisp skates over to me. I go down to reach for the puck and Crisp, the little bugger, who only played four shifts the entire game, grabbed the puck before I could get my hands on it. He has that puck displayed on his home’s mantle and I was left with diddley squat.”
Two human interest stories about Bernie Parent. At a ceremony, he was given keys to a car by Sport Magazine for being the MVP of the post-season. It was at a banquet in a Philly hotel. He walked over to Fred Shero and handed him the keys and said "You are the MVP (in so many words)." He gave the car to Shero.

Also, he was supposed to vacation with his wife in Hawaii that week. There is (or was) an annual award given in Canada to the best French-Canadian athlete. He won but the ceremony was scheduled during his planned vacation. He said he needed to talk to his wife; they went to the dinner to get the award and Hawaii was changed to Acapulco.

"And Afleet Alex just ran by Giacomo like he was standing still....a compelling, outstanding performance by the plucky Afleet Alex." 10-year anniversary of the 2005 Belmont Stakes.

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