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05-19-2010, 12:15 PM
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I've actually watched that video a number of times before and enjoyed it. A lot of it is stuff you pick up gradually along the way while playing hockey for a while, maybe without even realizing you do it. I tend to get a lot of my goals while streaking down the wing and shooting off a hard snap-wrister to the far side in stride. Hiding that release is great and nearly always gains you just a hair of extra time in goalie reaction. Got one last week where I beat the goalie high short side from the top outside of the circle as I came down the wing and he wasn't even ready for it. The tip about catching passes is also a good one, as a lot of people just try to catch it anywhere in front of them and stop it.

I'll also agree that most pros say that they aren't picking their spots either. I've seen videos/interviews with people like Brett Hull, Modano, and Zetterberg who will openly say that they most often just try to get it on the net, but try to do so very quickly. Without taking anything away from the skill level of NHLers, many of the snipe shots you see from them are simply luck of getting a quick shot on net that happens to hit a very small spot. This thought, as I said before, has been echoed by NHLers themselves. It just takes getting a knack down for taking a shot without thinking about it that will be just under the bar, just off the ice 5-hole, barely over the pads and inside the post, etc. The more you practice, the more thoughtless it comes to snap off a shot from anywhere on the ice into certain spots of the net without even trying to think, "Okay, follow through high because I'm trying to tuck this one just into the upper corner". Enough practice and you just start doing it while just trying to get the shot off quickly without thinking.

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