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Originally Posted by macros73 View Post
Can't speak for all Pens fans, but you're wrong. We enjoy Montreal's tears more than Philadelphia's. The Flyers are making Montreal suffer. Therefore, temporarily, we are enjoying what the Flyers are doing.

If the Flyers get past Montreal to the Finals and play Chicago, Pens fans will have another dilemma. Who do we hate more, the Flyers or Hossa? For me, Hossa's tears have more value than the Flyers tears, so...go Flyers.

Again, not that I'm bitter or anything. Really.
See, this perplexes me. Why would any fan ever want to see their rival team win a Cup? When the Penguins won the Cup last year, I felt sick. I felt like I didn't want to watch hockey anymore for about a week. I felt worse than I did when the Flyers got eliminated. How can you be a true Penguins fan, yet if the Flyers won the Cup you'd be not only okay with it but actually rooting for us? Either you guys are being phony, trying to live vicariously through our success, or you simply aren't as invested in this rivalry as we are. Hell, Detroit swept us in 1997, and I cheered almost as loudly as I did for the Flyers every time they scored a goal on the Penguins.

Maybe it's easy for you guys to wish us well, but the feeling isn't reciprocated by me and by a lot of other Flyers fans. I hate the Penguins, and I will never wish that their team has success, ever. The only time I ever supported the Penguins was when they almost moved to Kansas City, and that was just because I thought hockey would be less interesting if I didn't have them around to hate.

Also, as a general statement when people want to make these kinds of threads: don't call Flyers fans classless if they respond in a less than kind fashion. Most of these posts have condescending undertones anyway ("We still hate you guys/think you suck/think Philthy is a trash heap, but GO FLYERS!"), whether you or not. I'd prefer if you would save your peace and keep it to yourself and your own board. That's just my two cents and it's the last post I'll make on the matter.

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