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It's really a misconception. Some guys that have powerful wind-ups/form are notorious for having "heavy" shots. Such as Al MacInnis with his very high windup and wide stance when shooting. Granted, his shot was very hard/fast as well, but goalies said he had a "heavy" shot. By heavy, they mean that the puck seems to carry a lot of weight/momentum with it when they stop it, as opposed to simply a quick shot. Guys with faster wind-ups and the quickest releases are not known for having "heavy" shots: Brett Hull, Ovechkin, Sakic, Cammalleri, etc. They're known for their release speed and how quickly they get it away and while at times their actual shot speeds are probably close or even to the "heavier" shooters, it is their form that is more noticeable. Used to play with a guy whose shot was described as "heavy" by the goalies on our team. He had a very tall wind-up and visually leaned into hit shots a ton, but was beat out by several guys on our team including myself when it came time to actually testing speeds on the radar guns each season.

As I said, a misconception on the part of goalies and spectators. A quickly-released shot that catches the goalie in a bad spot on his body will be felt more obviously and they'll also tell you those shots are heavy. Naturally, faster shots hit harder when stopped by a goalie, so really anyone with a fast shot can shoot "heavy" shots.

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