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Originally Posted by Jim Morrison View Post
He wouldn't have a ****ing job if it wasn't for the fans.

Yes, exactly. Crosby doesn't want to play, but then he should come out and say so, as should everyone else who declines. Stop making up excuses saying that you're "tired"
The 'fans' don't own a player nor do they have a right to demand he participates in any auxiliary tournament. The IIHF has yet to realize that the World Championships are poorly planned and offer little enticement for North American players. It is not a best on best tournament, takes place during the heart of the NHL playoffs, Canadian/American fans are largely indifferent, and it offers little in the way of prestige from the players' perspective (as evidenced by poor attendance).

What makes this article so asinine is that it condemns players as somehow lacking honor or pride in their country because they don't want to participate. It's ridiculous that the IIHF would equate participating in their tournament with civic duty. If NHL players really want to repay their fans and their country, they should donate time and money towards charity and philanthropic activities in their community - which many already do.

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