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Originally Posted by Snauen View Post
Decent post. You forget one thing though. We, 'the fans' is what make Crosby what he is and is the reason that 'made him rich'. The hockeyfans comes to games, watch Crosby play, watch TV. Whitout you and me, Crosby would be a poor spoiled brat, now he is a rich spoiled brat and therefore he should participate in all games he can and not play golf.
1. Most hockey fans do NOT watch the IIHF championships, most don't even know they exist and the ones that do, a large majority couldn't care less enough about this meaningless tournament. Therefore, Crosby isn't turning his back on his fans seeing as most of them don't know or don't care about this meaningless tournament. Just because you do, Crosby and the like are NOT obliged to bend over backwards to appease your interests.

2. a) Yes, the fans pay Crosby's salary, so do businesses, sponsors and other ventures. "YOU" are not the only person that makes Crosby rich.

2. b) Crosby is EMPLOYED by the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS (and Reebok). His obligations are to the team that pays him his $8M contract. He is not obliged to play for free, risk injury, fatigue and other things to the people he is contractually obligated to. He would be doing a HUGE disservice to himself and the people that have money invested in him, including fans of his, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL. More fans than would ever be watching a few IIHF tournament games.

3. By far the most ignorant statement I've ever heard: "We the fans is what make Crosby what he is"

No you don't. The fans didn't make Crosby the best hockey player in the world. Sidney Crosby did that, as well as his family, coaches and teammates. You had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his development as a hockey player or human being. "You" made him wealthy. You didn't make him a player, a person, a friend, a brother or sister.

4. to add to your ignorant statement that you had something to do with Crosby being who he is... how about the fact that without players like Crosby THERE WOULD BE NO NHL AND NO HOCKEY WORTH WATCHING.

Just as much as the fans are responsible for providing to the sustainability of a league to watch the best talent play, without the talented players YOU would not be watching hockey.

Stop pretending like Crosby and these other players owe you anything and just because you watch a few games, buy a few tickets that they should be your personal jester 365 days a year.

Crosby and these other players are humans. They work just as hard training, traveling, and playing the sport as the blue collar workers the article describes, if not more. They sacrifice their time for you 8 months out of the year at the detriment of their families and personal lives.

Let's also not forget that Crosby did play in the Olympics for his country and his fans. More fans that even know this meaningless tournament existed.

Most of these guys are also giving back to the communities through charities and other ventures.

So get off your high horse and stop thinking people owe you ANYTHING just because you're aware of their existense.

I would love to play 1 on 1 with Crosby, and because I provided to his paycheque does not mean he is obligated to do so.

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