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05-19-2010, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Roamin View Post
This all boils down to unfortunately many players not caring enough to play at the worlds.
If they cared, they would go. And thats a shame when your countries international teams comes calling and is told no by so many players.
They care, and some of the reasons the article mentioned are legitimate reasons. Perhaps because you're a hockey fan from Europe (assuming so based on your Finland avatar, I could be wrong) where travel is less and the season is not as many games as the NHL season, being tired doesn't seem quite as a legitimate reason not to play. Teams like LA, Vancouver, Anaheim, San Jose, Calgary, and Edmonton travel close to 50,000 miles in a season. Some a little more, some a little less. It's a lot of travel for those players. I'm sure traveling another approximately 6,000 miles for a 3 week tournament isn't the first thing they want to do once the NHL season ends.

As a Kings fan I've seen plenty of Kings players go play in Worlds the last few years because the team hasn't been in the playoffs, and I've been legitimately happy for them when they've had players earn medals at Worlds. I was glad to see some of the Kings players choose to go this year after the Kings were eliminated from the NHL playoffs. At the same time I'm not going to look down on those players that chose not to go or were prevented from going due to injury.

Drew Doughty is one of those players who was playing injured in the NHL playoffs, would have kept playing had the Kings not been eliminated, and skipped Worlds due to his injury. I think he wanted to go but the Kings medical people told him to pass. Sometimes it's the NHL teams telling players to skip the tournament so they can rest injuries.

I'm not going to fault the Kings for keeping Doughty out of the tournament. He played at Worlds last year, played an 82 game NHL season this year, the Olympics, and the NHL playoffs where he was playing over 27 minutes a night. I don't think the Kings are in the wrong in asking him to rest instead of continuing to play with a wrist injury. The last thing an NHL team wants is one of their players playing through an injury in a tournament that doesn't benefit them. I can't say I blame them. Ryan Smyth broke his ankle in practice for the tournament. I'm sure Kings management wasn't real happy about that.

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