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05-19-2010, 03:14 PM
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Well, when you're played the big salaries, you have a 'moral' obligation when the phone rings to your country and the culture that is hockey. If you can't make it fine, but for those who can make it and are perfectly healthy: If you can't devote 3 weeks to a tournament with that jersey everyone loves, then stay home when the Olympics begin, you don't deserve to go. Enjoy your cash and your lake house.

This mentality applies to FIFA events and soccer tournaments and should apply to hockey. Playing devil's advocate a little, I can understand the position people have with the IIHF. They need to completely overhaul their own tournament, and image. A lot of people are critical of the IIHF, I am one of them, so maybe the IIHF needs to shut up a bit more and start putting more sweat and tears into this tournament. They can start by offering this tournament more often in North American, television rights all over the world where this tournament can be covered and reasonable high quality video feeds online, instead of the over priced crap they stream now on their website. How about a better website, instead of that 1999 piece of garbage PDF site we're forced to scroll.

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