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05-19-2010, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by jlnjcb View Post
Hi all:

Well, if you read my other thread you understand that I am going to start playing in a 3 on 3 hockey league during the summer .

I have a few newbie questions:

1. What do I wear underneath all that equipment? How do you get "dressed"?

Also, what is the standard "procedure" to put on hockey equipment?
Jock is a must. Go ahead and change in the locker room, don't be that weird guy. Everyone's seen a penis before. A wicking shirt is very nice, don't use cotton. I use a reebok one, don't go with underarmour. They jack up the price way past what you need to pay. Reebok outlet is where I got mine, I've seen them at places like Kohl's too.

My routine:

skates (with bottom of sock in skate)
Socks pulled down over skate
Socks pulled up and attached to jock
Pants (with zippers if you go skates first)
skateguards off

2. What should I do to please/not annoy the coach and players?

I've played enough street hockey to know that nobody likes a ball hog. But what other things should I not/do to please the coach and players? Other then the obvious things like skate hard and never stop working....

The last thing I want is for the coaches and other players to be annoyed at me.

3. Should I just get rid of the puck the first few games?

Because I'm a beginner, I'm afraid I'll make a completely bone-headed play. Should I just pass the puck to people and just stay under the radar for the first few games?
Just be a team player, and play like normal. If the situation calls for a pass, pass. If you have a shooting lane, shoot. If you can't do anything, dump. People are usually understanding, especially in fun leagues.


4. For line changes, is it totally noobish if you use the door instead of just climbing over the boards?
For going on the ice, absolutely. It's also inefficient. It's a lot easier to jump off and get going, and faster to get off too. And it's not as hard as you might think it is, you'll get the hang in no time.

Coming back onto the bench is personal preference. Most guys jump, but there are some guys who like to use the door. With crowded benches at competitive levels, it's usually easier to use the door getting back on, as well as maintaining a rotation.


5. I'm playing 3 on 3, is there anything different I should do from playing 5 on 5? What differences should I expect?
More ice, more time to handle the puck. And you'll wear out faster because you have to cover more ice.

6. Will it roller blading make my ice skating worse?

I was planning to practice skating forwards and backwards (not turning or stopping) on roller skates on days I can't get to the ice. Even though I won't be practicing turns I was hoping that forwards and backwards skating would translate on the ice (making my stride more powerful, smoother etc.)

Is this a bad idea?
I would lean against it, at least until you understand proper technique on ice. Once you learn that, you can do that on roller, but if you learn roller technique and try and more it to ice you'll look like a moron.

7. Do any of you know any good dvds, books, websites, threads that can help with my shooting, passing, skating, general hockey sense?

That's all the questions I have for now, but I'm sure I'll think of something later on. Any answers would be really helpful.

Read and ask questions here. Look around for any posts by Headcoach in here, especially in the positional play threads. You can probably use search to find them somehow, they're very much worth reading. If you want drills, he runs a website:

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