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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
I guess I'm still too new to vote but if I could I'd vote "no"...

It just looks funny when people do it, especially when they make themselves captain! haha

So how do you guys feel about player nick names on jersey's?

Like would it be unacceptable to have a Boogaard jersey With "Boogeyman" as the name?

Or a Brunette jersey with "Bruno"

or how about an attempt at humor like to have a Chicago Blackhawks home jersey with the name "Griswold" on it? I think I'd laugh if I saw that...

In conclussion, I think the only way it's acceptable to have your name on a pro jersey is if you 1) you play in the NHL or 2) you happen to have the same last name as a player & you give yourself the same number! haha

I had a friend named Mike Johnson who bought Matt Johnson's jersey just because the last name was the same as his But he bought it because it was his last name, not because he nessecarily liked the player. But no one would ever know that unless he told them, so that's acceptable in my book! haha
Yeah, the captain touch is a foul on a whole different level.

Nicknames: No, unless it's a Bruno on a 17,615 jersey.

Humor: There are only a couple ones that work (i.e. Griswold) and the Wild don't have one.

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