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05-19-2010, 05:04 PM
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Stick, you may think that, but you'd be wrong. There are certain fits that Graf offers that simply cannot be had in other brands. Bauer cannot possibly fit the number of feet that Graf do with only two lines, it doesnt matter how advanced the skates are.

For that matter, Graf do have a fairly unique positioning and feel to them. I skated on some G70s for a couple months. They dont fit me great, but I got an awesome deal on them so I used them to replace some very old skates I had while I continued to look for a better fitting skate.

I finally decided that the Supremes fit me better and I ended up with TotalOnes. However, I've literally been fighting them now for some time because I got so used to and totally love the forward and aggressive positioning of the Grafs. I've had the TO blades profiled multiple times, going further forward with each and now I'm getting some lifts put in them to see if I can get close to the Graf feel in these skates.

If I cant, I'm going back to a custom Graf (the G70 doesnt work cause its the deepest skate, which I need, but the heel is not right for me).

So it doesnt matter how great the TO is, if it doesnt fit or it doesnt work for you, its not going to help you. I can skate better in your "old tech" Grafs than I can in the latest and greatest skates on the market right now.

To rule out Grafs like you seem to because they arent the latest tech or some kind of super skate, is silly. Around me locally, go to any pickup session and you'll see probably 1 in 4 or more players in Grafs. And Graf skaters tend to want to stay with them, so they're doing something right.

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