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05-19-2010, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Holiday is awful defensively...

If WSH is dumb enough to take Turner No.1, you take Wall at 2 and ask questions later, but I mean, Wall is going to be a superstar, Holiday may become a very nice player, but he doesn't have anything close to Wall's ceiling.
Holiday is not awful defensively. Not sure what team you were watching. Yes, at times he was overmatched but what do you expect from the youngest player in the league. But yeah you take wall if he is there. I think a Wall-holiday tandem could work. They both have size and Holiday can shoot the 3. BUT Wall will be taken #1.

Anyway as someone who watched a lot of this crappy team Holiday is going to be stud of a PG. BUT a stud PG only gets you so far. That is why this #2 pick is so important. There are 3 options at #2 realistically: Turner, Favors, and Cousins. Personally I think Turner fits in best. This team needs a SG and that is what Turner is. But no matter what a trade or two will need to be made. If they get Turner, Iguodala stays. Iguodala is a natural 3 and a complimentary player. And Iguodala, Holiday, and Turner are 3 very strong ball handlers with good defensive ability. I realize people don't like Sam, but he is a good enough C. He will never have a great offensive game but Holiday and Iguodala by the end of the season seemed to figure out how to keep him happy and playing D. Now if we take Favors or Cousins I imagine two of young, speights, and louwill are moved for a SG. But it wont be someone we'll be happy about. Unless we are getting OJ Mayo you take Turner.

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