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05-19-2010, 06:26 PM
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What a save that was!

And for those who thinks its not a good save because bad shot, ofcourse that needs some luck to make that kind of desperation save, but it allways seems like the best goalies make them again, and again.. They got the touch. Like Luongo, Kiprusoff, Hasek (and many other very good goalies), Vehanen is definedly supergoalie-talent too for me after this amazing season of hes. Ofcourse no one here understands comparing KHL goalie to NHL goalie, but i'd say hes totally NHL talent goalie in KHL. Im not saying ofcourse hes as great as hasek (lol) but he has that same talent to make the impossible still possible.

I play some hockey myself, (never gonna be a pro ), and I know malkin is like from another planet, no another galaxy, no another space but I still feel that malkin was like "okay and now just fast shot so he cant recover" and he really didint expect he should aim anymore, in that point, he prolly just were looking at puck and thinking "just dont miss the net he cant save it". Or in other words he wasnt thinking anymore because he tought he doesnt haveto look where he puts it, or think anything anymore, when Vehanen was that much outplayed.

What ever, I think these crazy saves, that allways need some luck ofcourse, are the best saves, why they are amazing. Its like it shoulndt even be possible. What saves are cooler than these? Basic saves with good positioning on a blueline shot when masked? Everyone likes what they like..

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