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Originally Posted by Hrad View Post
I'm pretty sure that by "balanced stick" people are reffering to how it feels when you play with it.

You also hear blade heavy/light a lot, as in the blade feels too light or heavy and it's just uncomfortable.

It's hard to explain, but it's basically how good a stick feels when playing with it. So a heavier yet better-balanced stick can feel lighter than a stick that weighs less grams...If you know what I mean.
Exactly. When I'm feeling for the balance of a stick (without being on the rink), I'll simply hold the stick normally, perhaps with my lower hand a bit lower than it would be for typical stickhandling. Make some general "air moves" with it and hold it a bit. If it feels as if there's a bit of unevenness and there is more weight concentrated towards the blade end, it is a varying degree of blade-heavy. If it feels very light towards the blade and perhaps TOO light, then it is blade-light. I actually prefer a blade-light stick and will add wood plugs to the end of composite sticks or OPS to balance them better, as well as for the fact that I like to shape my handles with a sander.

Hrad is correct that you can have a stick that weighs more overall, but feels better balanced.

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