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Originally Posted by Pronger is a robot View Post
I think we're saying the same thing. I don't care that they want us to beat the team that beat them -- that's fine. I just want them to be honest about their reasons. They don't have to blow smoke up our ***** about how great the Flyers are or how much they love our style or what Flyer they like best or whatever. I hate the asskissery more than anything else. They don't have to like us to want us to do their dirty work for them, so I don't want them to pretend that they do.
I dunno. I mean, I get what you're saying, but I think there's a point where I can accept that people are a fan of the game first and foremost, and now that their team is out, they can admit that they enjoy watching the Flyers play and have been won over by them. I mean, look what the Flyers have done in the last couple of weeks. It's never been seen in a lot of fans' lifetime.

They might not just want us to take out the team that beat them...some of them might just be allowing our team to win them over for the remainder of this playoffs because they've done some incredible things. It goes back to normal next year, but for now, I'll accept their respect and admiration. I won't accept them as a fellow fan of our team, but I have no problem with them admitting that they legitimately like what our guys are doing.

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