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09-30-2003, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by habfan4
I was at the game last night and after getting a look at the line ups for each team, I wished I could turn the clock back 15 years so that the Habs would have had a Nilan or a Kordic in the line to keep the opposition honest.

Would those of you who do not believe that the Habs require an "enforcer" been singing a different tune if Marchment had connnected on one of the two or three low checks he attempted (on Perezhogin & Plekanec I believe). My guess is yes.

I'm not worried about the Habs winning the fights between designated tough guys/enforcers., However, there is merit in the Canadiens having a presence on the team that says to the opposition, if you take liberties with our skilled players, you will pay a price.
Souray, Dwyer and Quintal weren't in the lineup last night. Look for them and Komisarek to grant us some of that respect. Those are all guys that will likely step up (especially Souray) if one of our player is hitted visiously.

Also, Dwyer is willing to drop 'em against anybody, anytime. Sure he doesn't win a lot but winning is truly overrated. If the guy is there to stick up for his teammates it's already good. I remember a monstrous check from him in the last period of the game against Buffalo that did just as well for the momentum than a fight.

Dwyer has something over most enforcers. He plays with energy, is very disciplined, hits and agitates all night long and is able to limit the errors defensively. Add to that he will drop the gloves against anyone and you have a player that helps making his teammates feel comfortable on the ice. He doesn't have to kill the opponent every time he fights for that.

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