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05-20-2010, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by BigT2002 View Post
You don't trade that type of leadership....especially for his price. He loves this state and his wife and family do too. It would take a huge overpayment of basically a high 1st rounder to convince me otherwise
And you're exactly what is wrong with this franchise.

Between this post and your post in the the ticket raising prices (which I won't argue to an extent), however...

Brunette is an asset that is an unrestricted free agent. We made the dumbest mistake of letting Nolan dictate where he wanted to go instead of trading him and getting help in the future.

This is what is wrong with the franchise.

Too many player simply walk away for nothing. Because they like it here (Rolston). Or because they mean so much to the team (Walz). And guess how much they brought back to this team when their contracts ended; nothing. Look at the fiasco Walz left us in.

In the end, this team is a business. You have to remove personal opinions from the business in order to success. You can't become too attached to a player (O'Sullivan) that you end up making a mistake that can hurt this team (Gaborik).

Brunette is an asset. One of the only assets that the Wild have. You move him for the future of this team. He understands this is a business and that moving him helps this team, his friends' on this team, and the organization. If he wants to come back in some capacity when he retires, the door is always open.

But right now, the Wild can't be mired in what is good for this team now when now is mediocrity. We need to be concerned about the future and Brunette, unless he has found a fountain of youth and can play for the next 3+ years, isn't going to be a factor in the future.

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