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09-30-2003, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by nordique
That's a separate issue...but how'd he get into Yale? Who helped him pull through Yale? Who helped him get into Harvard?

Do it alone, then brag about the achievements. His father was a self-made man...he's just...a man.

I can argue this as well. It's just opinion as to who's what. But the argument is not that he got into Yale/Harvard. It's that he graduated and received his masters. How many here could do such a thing? Surely you don't think his father pulled him through Yale, do you? How little respect do you have for that institution. Like I said, his father may have gotten him in, but after that, he was on his own.

And why should he do it alone? If he can use his father's help to get him into a prestigious university, then why can't he? Isn't it his right? Should he just go to UT because everyone else does? Don't tell me the majority of educated people in North America wouldn't have taken advantage of his connections. We all take advantage of connections that we have. I'm sure you've done it to.

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