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05-20-2010, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
I think it has to do with mismangement. You had really stringy owners in McCombs and Pohlad. Complete cluster****s in whoever runs the Timberwolves. And then the stalling and then mismangement of the Wild.

Part of this I blame on the fans; you guys caved in for the Twins' stadium. I am surprised the Timberwolves haven't been rumored to move. The Wild put up with crap movements and bad drafting for years without the media putting any pressure on the team (and guess where the media gets it's news! Fans!).

the only team that has done any good in Minnesota is the Vikings once they got a new owner. He made brilliant moves like trading for Jared Allen, letting Childress grab Favre. He's been fighting tooth and nail for a stadium and he definitely will put up the funds. And they have been pretty good at drafting.
Well this just put it all into perspective with you now. Should of figured when I saw the Vikings stuff in the Football thread.

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