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05-20-2010, 01:39 PM
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I'd first just like to say "Hi" to everyone, I've been gone for a while and just don't have the time to get on much anymore. I really miss talking hockey with many of you guys.

Second, GO FLYERS!!!!!

Third, great thread, I was thinking to myself that this needed to be asked and it really is the reason I MADE the time to get on today. This is how I see, he's good enough to give us a chance to win just about every night and is plenty good enough to get us the win against MOST teams. I think that much of his sucess (and all our goalies over the past few years) is the solid defense we are playing in front of him. Against most teams an average goalie like Leighton (or even Biron the last 2 seasons) is good enough to get the job done. HOWEVER, against ELITE teams or teams with a lot of elite players where our defensive play just can't shut them down for the entire game/series and we NEED our goalie to step up and make game saving saves, then just average goalies just don't cut it.

I really hope we make it to the finals and play the Sharks because I think we can stop their top line and I'm not too worried about their secondary scoring and I feel pretty good about our chances against them. However, if we were to play the Hawks in the finals I don't think it would go very well for us (Hawks in 5 is my prediction if we face them ). If we do play the Hawks in the finals I think that series will give you the answer we all seek regarding Leighton as our goalie solution of the present/future. If he plays well and either carries us to the cup or at least plays well enough (making incredable saves when called upon) then sure, I can buy into him for next year. However, if he plays "average", like say Biron did last year against the Pens, then no, we clearly won't be able to beat the "elite" teams like the Hawks, and Pens and Caps with just average goaltending even with an exceptional top 2 pairings we can put out on the ice on a nightly basis.

I like what Leighton has done but I'm not 100% sold yet. Boston and Monteal aren't true tests, beat the Pens, Caps and/or the Hawks in a 7 game series THEN you'll have me convinced.

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