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09-30-2003, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Bring_Bak_Damphousse
Yeah I`m sure Bush knows of the mixed nationalities, but does he know the ratio of American players to the rest of the world???? very doubtful...would he invite the stanley cup champs to the white house if say the new jersey devils were 1% American...he probably would but I`d doubt he`d bring in the Montreal Canadians. Even if the Montreal Canadians were 100% american they wouldn`t be a symbol all Americans could look up too that sign of perserverance and hard work I guess you could say . That`s just the way I look at it anyway (I`m having a hard time trying to get the right words out so I`ll just stop here)
Well, if we're going to nitpick about who's American and who isn't on these teams, maybe they should stop inviting Cup winners altogether.

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