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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It's all 100% about spin on the puck.

Find a frisbee. Take it and throw it forward with your wrist completely locked. It will probably wobble and flop and drop to the ground. Now throw it snapping/flicking your wrist like will spin and sail a good distance.

Notice it will spin and sail straight without weight transfer or anything else...just flicking the wrists.

So apply this to your wrist need to get spin on the puck if you want it to fly straight and accurate.

To learn it, practice pulling the stick towards the body while shooting. Place the puck at the heel of the blade, then pull the stick towards you to roll it towards the toe. The puck will rotate. The faster you do this, the more spin you get on the puck.

Of course, this is impractical while shooting, so most people will instead open and close the blade. The puck again starts at the heel, but this time roll your wrists to cup the blade over the puck. The curve should make it so the puck is trapped at the heel. As you pull the puck across the body, roll your wrists back to open up the blade so the puck can roll down towards the toe. Finally, when releasing the shot, roll your wrists back over the puck to trap it against the blade so it will go wherever you point the stick on the follow through.

Here's a ghetto illustration:

It's tricky to get the timing down just right, especially while you have to pull the top hand back to release the shot, but that's what practice is for!
Do this! Do it about 100,000 times and it should start to come more naturally. If your doing it right it won't feel natural at first.

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