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Everyone! PANIC!
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Originally Posted by BigT2002 View Post
You can have your opinion, but you are incorrect and I have a feeling more would be on my side than yours. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure the most negative poster in these boards which makes me question if you even care about what actually takes place or if what happens on the ice is the only thing you actually care about??
Yes, I am sure a lot of fans are really happy that out of Veilleux, Gaborik, Rolston, Demitra, Walz, White, Skoula, Radivojevic, Parrish, Ward, Voros, Federouk, Carney, Minnesota could only squeeze out a 4th.

At least Fletcher did something with Johnsson and Belanger before they walked.

Most negative? No, try most realistic. It's funny how much you guys like ignoring the future. I remember really criticizing DR for years and you guys says he's great and then BAM! You turn on him the year he was fired and then backtracked saying how bad his drafts were.

I have praised GMCF for his moves with Pouliot and his drafting. Plus picking up Havlat as well.

And that makes no sense. I care about both and for a good team to take place, you need to build the organization for long term success. We aren't built that way and the only way how is to move players like Brunette.

The difference, and I was the only one VOCAL that the Nolan discussion and said Richards and Fletcher were playing favorites. I have also been someone who discussed we need to trade Burns if the price is right so we can get better and to stop playing home favorites.
And we're doing the same thing with Brunette. And we don't need to trade Burns right now as we have such a soft defense. Burns is part of the core of this team.

However, why don't you do a little research as to what Brunette and his family do for this community compared to Nolan and Burns.
What about Rolston and what he did for the organization and the community? What about Parrish? There are a lot of players that do things for the community while playing for a certain team. Podein did the same thing yet he played for the Blues and the Avalanche.

Once again, there is more to keeping a player for what they do to instill the team becoming one with their city and state. Do you like having players make personal appearances and sign autographs for kids? And before you say "you don't care" I sincerely hope you do not have any younger siblings, nieces/nephews/cousins/what have you, before you answer like that.
In truth how many players do this? There are a LOT of players that do a lot for the community and state. So why didn't we keep Rolston? So why don't we keep Boogaard? Who is one of the fan favorites and who does a lot for the community? Who signs autographs and do stuff for the community?

Do you like having players on your team who come to play night in and night out because they don't want to let their fans down? Do you like having a player that I just said I would consider for a high 1st round, but I'm not going to lose a veteran player who is an extremely vocal player in the lockerroom, the ice, and in the press conferences for table scraps when he is less than a $3M caphit and can play 1st line minutes against 1st line talent still? Or would you like to have a team like the Yankees where everyone is only there for the money and the championship?
So why not sign Nolan back for 2-3 million a year? Why not bring back Fedoruk? Bad example for the Yankees as many players on that team aren't there for the money or the championship. The Yankees just give them the money. Would you say the same thing about Mauer if he left for the Red Sox or the Yankees? That he's only interested in money? Hell he didn't take much of a home town discount to stay with the Twins.

We did get something for Rolston. Get your facts straight before you call people out. Walz retired and if you don't know why he retired, you once again are not a fan of this team and yet another fairweather fan who is inpatient with this team and wants the Stanley Cup now because as a state we "deserve" it.
Impatient? We had to beg Walz to come back. We shouldn't have ever signed Walz back. We should have moved on from him. And yes, we did. I forgot the 4th rounder. Great value there for a player that loved the team, loved the state and wanted his kids to grow up here.

And when have I ever shown to be impatient? Do some research as I have multiple times called for patience and asked this team to get it over with and rebuild this team and dump off veterans to help in the future.

And if you do it as a business you do not allow key assets who will still sign for a hometown discount to be traded for table scraps. If you want to bring Gaborik into the equation it was the fact that as a player he knew he had this team by the balls because he was the only one who could actually put the puck in the net consistently. Most true fans, knew this team needed to separate themselves from him because it was turning into a Pavel Bure in Florida. You lose one player, and the team fails....exactly what happened with us, the only difference is Koivu became everything we were hoping he would.
Backstrom, Bouchard, Schultz, Rolston...wait. Did they take a hometown discount? Or...And if you want to bring Koivu into this equation, I was one of the only ones to call for patience in his develop as fans were pissed he was staying in Europe.

When was the last time you allowed someone into your front office that you traded away that didn't want to? DR already admitted he should of never let him leave during the lockout for Colorado in the first place. You still need continuity for your organization. If you don't, you have teams like the Islanders who just run around aimlessly.
Michalek. I ddin't want Minnesota to trade Michalek for a home town player. Islanders actually have a core and are building. Oh how about Boston? Colorado? Chicago? Pittsburgh? Washington?...

Once again, you are demanding we win the conference basically next year. Guess isn't going to happen next year or the year after or probably the year after that. If you can't handle that, Union Center is only about 8 hours away.
Huh? What? Can you not read? I have said to trade off the veterans, multiple times and have constantly to REBUILD THIS TEAM. I don't want to win the conference. Hence why I said if unless Brunette can become younger, we should move him as he doesn't help this team in the future. I could care less until this organization can build around Burns and Koivu.

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