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05-20-2010, 04:06 PM
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Lobo, try living in West Texas for a while. A 'watch' every week or so turns into a 'warning' every other day for a month or two. I went tornado chasing in college every spring and saw quite a few funnel clouds.

A little over a week ago I got a ticket for expired registration and inspection. My registration on that car was 2 and a half years expired (I'll explain why) and my inspection expired March (I had no idea). During rush hour traffic, I ran into a cop in my neighborhood who was just sitting in his car, apparently thinking the best way to ensure public safety was to sit on a street corner in broad daylight instead of actually, you know, policing the streets.

Anyways, I settled everything up today after getting both registration and inspection on Tuesday. The fine for expired inspection was an astonishing ~$120. That's for a sticker that expired approx. 50 days ago. If I had no prior inspection, as the gentleman in front of me didn't (he just bought the car the day he was pulled over and ticketed), the fine was ~$140. Yeah, I got a whopping $20 discount for having my car inspected before.

Here's the real kicker to me. The fine for expired registration, and note how long it was expired, was $15. An additional $8.20 was levied on me at the tax collector's office when I purchased a new one, making the total for going without registration $23.20. As many of you know, annual registration costs ~$62. So where is the cost benefit of paying for yearly registration when the fine is only one-third of the total yearly cost if you happen to be unlucky and get spotted by a cop taking a break? And that, ladies and gents, is why my registration was expired.

Also note, Dallas and the surrounding burbs are under quite a money crunch and are giving tickets for specious things. My sister-in-law, living in Dallas proper, was tagged with parking illegally in front of her house (wrong way) and saw numerous tickets in her neighborhood for the same offense. I've seen several in my neighborhood. One of my friends got a ticket for going four MPH over the speed limit in Carrollton on Midway after the speed limit dropped within one block from 40 to 35. All of these things happened in the month of May.

So beware. The cities we live in are too busy spending our tax money to redo streets, sidewalks and curbs that don't need it and need to offset those costs by targeting drivers who are not in any way endangering public safety. You all have been warned.

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