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05-20-2010, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
My goodness, this thread turned into a little bit of a **** storm, didn't it?

For those Pens fans who are coming on here and wishing us luck, thank you. Gotta take huge balls to do so on the board of one of your most hated rivals. That said, I wouldn't be so inclined to go to the Pens' board to congratulate them or wish them luck in anything. I'm one of the ones who cheers for the enemy of my enemy, but I can appreciate the kind words.

Yeah, I'm a Pens fan first and formost, but I do like The CBJ's and, when not playing the Pens, the Flyers are an alright team. I recently watched that "Broad Street Bullies" documentary or whatever it was, and couldn't help but enjoy it.

The Flyers are a team with a rich and storied history, much like the Pens.

We can both agree to hate the Crapitolz no?

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