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03-10-2005, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by TwzKing
I dont know why some of you are down Aulin. I for one think he will be a decent NHL'er. When the trade went down, I was so upset with the DT. One reason is because he said he wouldnt trade our prospected, and the other reason was because we traded for Anson Carter...

Funny story i was talking to a friend at SC and was talking about the trade... and a fellow kings fran told me i was idiot for thinking AC wont do anything, and it was the best trade he's seen in a long time. He wouldnt even let present my opinion.

I guess he was right AC did get one point.

I think he was a lgk'er

But yea im still think Aulin will turn out to be a good pickup
Hey that may have been the person who started the CAR-TER chants at the draft party when the Kings called a timeout. I couldn't believe the chants that followed... those fools calling for his name that day obviously hadn't watched Carter play much (and probably don't know much about hockey if they are hinting at trading one of the Kings' 1st round picks in 2003 for him).

As far as Aulin is concerned... I don't think he was going to develop into what was expected of him to be... a top 2 line center. He also has a history of injury and consistency problems. I don't think he fit in to the Kings' long term plans and I understand why they dealt him... I just wish the trade could have turned out better and that the Kings acquired a player who could help the club for a few years. The past couple of trade deadline acquisitions have been disappointing (save for the trade with Detroit). Dave Taylor had the right intention when he made those deals... just that it seems as though the players acquired simply did not fit in with the dynamics of the team.

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