Thread: Speculation: Penguins Should Move Malkin
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05-20-2010, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
1st off i said i'm not crazy about him. never said the guy wasnt good. 2nd if you think he is as good as crosby or ovechkin you are crazy. put ovechkin on any team and they are a contender same with crosby, malkin dont think so. i'm not going to look at 15-20 games where he played without crosby and say he can lead a team on his own. the guy turns into a ghost. you would have been better off saying malkin played great the year he won the conn smyth instead of saying he is a playoff megastar. if you think he is a playoff megastar you either like him way way too much, don't know what it truly means to put up numbers year after year in the playoffs without disappearing in the most significant series or you just flat out don't know the game. tell me what classifies a playoff megastar? because its not 4 points in 07, 22 points in 08, 36 with a conn smyth in 09 and then just 11 this year? outside of that conn smyth year he has either been good or nothing at all. mike cammalleri has 18 points already in the 3rd game of the east finals. if you think malkin is a megastar in the playoffs you must think cammalleri is on his way to being the best ever. dont tell me i dont know the game because you overrate malkin in the playoffs
Let's see, Malkin took the trophy as playoffs MVP and he's currently 24 years old. Yes, that's a playoffs megastar. Because you claim he disappears doesn't make it so.

I never said he was the equal of Crosby and Ovechkin. If you re-read my post, you'll see that I called him the 3rd best forward in the game, behind them.

Face it, you don't like one of the best players in the world, a fellow who barring injury is a mortal lock to make the Hall of Fame.

Comparing him to Camalleri is more evidence that you just don't get it. I'm sure you have your reasons for not liking him but you have a severe blind spot for not recognizing a truly great player. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who agrees with an opinion such as yours. The reason is that your opinion defies logic and evidence.

How many Rangers forwards that have come around in the last 40 years are better than Malkin? Gretzky was at the end of the line as a Ranger. Messier is the only one and he was not original Rangers property, nor a kid when he was here. I can't think of one.

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