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05-21-2010, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by HeresHedman View Post
It's not too many classes. It's any classes at all. Your eligibility clock begins when you first enroll at a University, College, or Junior/Community/City College.

There are a few slight exceptions but those are so few and far between it's not worth getting into.

What happened to the player mentioned above, IIRC, is that he played 2 years of junior and also took classes at a community college. He was a junior when he got the the university. He got screwed as I remember he was told it was ok by someone it wouldn't effect his eligibility.
Are you sure on this, it says "full-time" which at my school means 12+ units (~4 classes). Also I thought I heard through the grapevine that as long as you only took a few classes at CC's you would retain eligibility(2 or less a semester/quarter). I am not 100% sure so just wondering if you or anyone else had any more input....

Also what if your in high school and you took a class at a CC for units before you got drafted by USHL/NAHL would that harm your eligibility?

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