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05-21-2010, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
It's a dangerous combination of the internet and the New NHL bringing in a bunch of fans who can't understand how this game should be played.

Every little thing is debated and exaggerated to death.

Richards doesn't hit you in the numbers (Hollweg or Kaleta), he doesn't aim for the head (Cooke I guess is the most recent example of a headhunter), he doesn't do the stickwork (Gomez in this series has been disgraceful), he stands up for his teammates with situational fights and removes his bucket if he's fighting an honourable player.

He plays the game the right way. He's only dirty if you hate the Flyers.

But I guess in a world where Lappiere laughing like a nutbag and taunting a team he's trailing in a series to from the safety of the bench is something worth celebrating...Richards is the dirtiest **** on the planet.
This is exactly right. There was a time when someone would have come off the bench and wiped that smirk right off Lappiere's face. It wouldn't have been Richards either, because that's not his game, and never has been.

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