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05-21-2010, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Zetterqvist24 View Post
Oh boy... Lombardi hasn't "reached" his potential... he was traded to a team that uses him in the top 6 rather than as a 3rd line center and PK guy. Lombardi has always shown that he's had this potential, but Calgary never used him in the role, because of how good of a two-way player and PKer he is. Not only is a significantly more skilled offensive player, but his speed, discipline and two-way game make him TWICE the player Byfuglien is. And I'd put money on Lombardi topping 60 points here, while I'd put equal money on Byfuglein not reaching 40.

Anisimov getting more time doesn't require a big body on his line. AA may need to be comfortable to reach his potential, but if the only way he's going to be comfortable is with a 6'2+, 225+ player than he's simply NOT going to have a great career. Part of playing in the NHL is adjusting to adversity and being successful despite odds that are stacked against you; if AA can only be effective with a heavyweight on his line, he is severely limiting himself.

Byfuglien is the hot guy in the playoffs this year, just like there have been in so many other seasons before (Pisani, for example) but that does not negate the fact that, while he still has the potential to improve, he will likely never be good for a consistent 45 points per season unless he is playing with elite talent on his line, which AA is not. 35-45 points for 3M, especially on a team with a cap situation like ours is just stupid. I can spell that for you if you want, S-T-U-P-I-D. Further, trading away assets to acquire a 3M contract that's only going to give you 35 points is even stupider. When you're third line makes 11M combined (in your example), you don't "make sacrifices" by trading FOR a 3M 35 point scorer... not even sure where you're going with that.

Byfuglien may be the "ideal" winger for AA, but AA is simply going to have to find chemistry with somebody else... and if he can't produce without a heavyweight on his wing, than... oh well. Even if AA and Byfuglien developed instant chemistry and were the PERFECT compliments for one another, AA is not so talented a player that he makes Byfuglien more than a 40 point player. You think because he's P/PG in the playoffs he's going to put up 65 next season? Is the first post-season you've been a hockey fan for?

It's really very, very simple. On HFboards, whoever has the hot hand is the best player at their position in the entire league. Whoever had a hat trick last night could be dealt for the #1 overall pick. Whoever gets hot in the playoffs is better than Ovie, Kovie, Parise, Getzlaf, blah, blah, blah because they perform in the clutch. Whoever pitches 150:00 minutes of straight shutout hockey is better than Luongo and Lundqvist, hands down. Right now, Byfuglien is the flavor of the month. In reality, however, he is a 3rd liner, not worth trading assets for, especially not for the simple reason that he MAY click with AA.
i don't know how to debate with someone that does not know how to argue. first i would like to stress that I am jumping on the byfuglien bandwagon ... not because he had a couple good playoffs.
the reason i like byfuglien is because he is a big powerforward, a great defensive player, and has incredible hands for a guy his size...any guy thats willing to stick up for any of his teammates is well liked and respected in the locker room ... I don't understand where you come to this belief that I like byfuglien because of the one series he had against vancouver... i have never said that in any of my previous posts.. so i don't know where you get your ovie and kovalchuk arguments (they are just ridicuolous)

secondly i just don't understand what you think its going to take for us to get byfuglien... chicago is in desperate need to trade him ... what assets are you thinking of (we will not have to trade any of our top prospects or top picks ... an average prospect and a mid pick should get the deal done)...

also like i said previously before this season anisimov scouts were projecting anisimov to be a 1st line centre ... he can't be placed in a bottom 6 role again this year it will just slow his development and decrease his likelihood of reaching that potential.

now my argument from the beginning was that byfuglien is the perfect linemate for anisimov and with your recent post you have agreed with me that byfuglien is the ideal player to play with AA...

So now that you have agreed with me ... I have no reason to further debate with you ...

Anisimov needs top 6 minutes and he needs to play with players that he feels comfortable around(that was my argument) ... i never said anything about liking him because of his playoffs... i like him because he is not utlized properly on the stacked chicago team and he is a big player with decent hands and great defensive awareness...
your post just makes you sound stupid and I don't understand what you are trying to debate with me .. you already agreed with me byfuglien is the ideal player for anisimov ...
thank you

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