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05-21-2010, 01:22 PM
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If you're skating backwards and the forward is attacking your side of the ice, if your backwards skating lateral movement is decent, line up their inside shoulder with your outside shoulder and try keeping it at that alignment. Gap control off the rush, you would want to average a stick length in space between you and the onrushing forward. Too close and you risk getting burned with burst of speed, if you're too far apart it gives the forward too much time to let the play develop.

Play hard along the boards, there is probably no contact - some high skilled opposing forwards in non contact leagues completely disappear after you initiate some legal physical play. Work on angling people off , very important in lower level non contact leagues as some players creativity is low and it restricts how they think the play should develop in that case the play will die there. Pinning along the boards from another poster was a good tip, don't let people spin away on you but don't hold them there an extra 5-10 seconds after the puck moves away from that area.

If you look at the defensive zone from an overhead type view, chop it into 4 parts - from a general team zone defense theory, the two top parts are each wingers responsibility and the bottom two are the defenseman's responsibility - one on each side. A responsible defensive center will rove around and be each position's back up in all 4 corners of the defensive zone trying to negate the potential of an outnumbered situation - communicate with the centre on the ice.

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